Sunday, April 26, 2009

Life with Quinny--Sunday morning

Grandma and Quinn went for a walk after her 1st nap (Quinn's--no, grandma hasn't gotten one yet!). Quinny insisted even though it was very cloudy out and looked like rain. She assured grandma that it would be alright. Hmmmmm, who's in charge here? Anyway, Quinny had quickly tired of playing indoors.

I'm not sure why, because we were having lots of fun, but this is when she convinced grandma that a walk was in order.

Sooooo, we got ourselves ready and headed out for a walk. Here's Quinn just getting back from her walk. The neighbors were dazzled by her new sandals! I told her it wasn't nice to show off, but she said "Grandma, I can't help it if I'm cute. Besides, this is Dallas land and it's all about style!" I guess she should know. I mean, she was right about the rain. We didn't get rained on at all!Awwwww, now for another nap!

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