Saturday, April 25, 2009

Life with Quinn--Saturday afternoon

We decided to go to Target after our lunch. This is the first "afternoon" trip we've attempted. It went very well. Quinn got to use her "cart cover" at Target. Here she is sitting in the cart with the cover--pretty cute, huh?

She was having so much fun with the straps, I couldn't get her to pay any attention to me at all!
She still didn't find a purse for grandma that she liked, but she found a very stylish pair of sandals that she couldn't live without! Oh well, Grandma can get a new purse some other time and Quinny said she's tired of looking like an Arkansas baby and really NEEDED those new sandals! Well, maybe she's right--they ARE adorable!

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Madge said...

Gosh Grandma - you are doing a great job! Are YOU exhausted yet??? Enjoy your special time with Quinn!!