Friday, April 24, 2009

Life with Quinny--Day 3--4:30

Well, we're off the schedule a little again. I think I'm wearing Quinny out!. We went to Wal-Mart this morning and got Quinny a brand new outdoor pink swing that she is very excited about trying! She's sure that daddy will put it up for her as soon as he gets home!

Then we got some things to tackle the "To Do" list that mommy and daddy left for grandma. We got a new 2 way spigot for the faucet outside, a new sprayer for the hose, and a few other small things. When we got home, Quinny went straight to bed! Wal-Mart is a big place and makes you tired! Quinn slept from 12:30 to almost 2:oo! Then she had her lunch and we went for a walk in the stroller. It's very windy today and still pretty warm. It was a nice walk. Quinn loves the outdoors and enjoyed watching Shakes. Here is a picture of her on her walk.

After our walk, we sat outside for a while and watched the planes. There are a lot of planes that go over Quinn's house!!

At 3 Quinn decided she was ready to go to sleep again. Apparently we are playing too much! But we are having so much fun! Here's a video of Quinn and Grandma playing (and yes, she was smiling during this, but her binky hides it!) It was most fun when I played it back and she was mesmerized at the video!:

Oh, and there's another picture of the walk with Shakes included. Quinny was dressed the part but Grandma was in Nebraska jeans and was quite warm. Shakes didn't understand what grandma was complaining about--he was wearing a fur coat and was exhausted!!!!

And one last thing, while Quinny was sleeping, Grandma got the Webcam hooked up to mommy and daddy's computer so that she can talk to grandma and grandpa while they are away. That was a very important task that needed done! I wonder why that wasn't on the "To Do" list!?!

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