Sunday, April 26, 2009

Life with Quinny--Day 5--last day

Well, mommy and daddy come home today. Quinny will be so excited! She has not been hurting about their being gone, but she has noticed it. Yesterday morning Hilary called to see how things were going and I put her on speaker phone so that Quinn could hear her. Quinny wanted the phone all day. She recognized her mommy--you could tell. Then at one time I sang "You Are My Sunshine" to her and she stopped and looked intently at me, then started looking around the room. That's a song mommy sings to her. She didn't cry, and didn't fuss, but she knew it belonged to mommy. Luckily, children have no sense of time at this age, so she doesn't realize how long mommy and daddy have been gone. That's a good thing.

Quinny is not up for the day yet, but will be soon. I am absolutely amazed at how well this little girl sleeps! She went to bed last night at about 7:15 p.m. and only woke up 1x at 5:00 a.m. She didn't even really wake up--just made a little noise and went back to sleep. Grandma got a whole night's sleep! 5 a.m. is my normal get-up time so that was no problem!

This is going to be hard leaving again. I've enjoyed being with her so much! What a great opportunity for me! I am so grateful to Jason and Hilary for putting their trust in me to care for their most precious gift while they are gone! She is truly a joy! She must be one of 3 of the most beautiful, most precious children in the whole world! OK, you caught me. I'm biased about all 3 of my grandchildren. But I am also very, very lucky to have the children that I have and their love and trust.

No pictures for you yet as Quinny's not up. It's supposed to be a rainy day, so I don't know that we'll do much, but I'll try to get something posted for you later.

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Team Fuller said...

I was on last night looking at the blog but I don't think I left a message for you. We are so, so excited to come home and see our baby girl. It's incredibly helpful to look at the blog and see all the new pictures. It'll be even better to hold her in our arms and eat her up! Quinny is going to wonder who the bronzed adonis' holding her are :)
We'll be home soon (approx 6pm). Love you both!