Monday, October 11, 2010

An Amazing Fall

This has been an amazing Fall! I have a new grandson who is just adorable! I had the opportunity to go to Texas and stay with Hilary and her family for a week soon after Kellen Maxton Fuller was born. Quinn is growing up so fast and, of course, I'll notice that immensely with Kellen soon too! I don't have any pictures of that visit. Randy came down towards the end of my visit and he thought to take a few, but I was busy helping Hilary get some "newborn photos" of Kellen and never got any of my own taken. Unfortunately Hil's been too busy to get copies of hers to us yet.

Then this last weekend we went to Grand Island for 1 day to see the other 1/2 of our family. Those two kids are growing like weeds also. We went to a pumpkin patch that had lots of fun things for the kids to do. Here are two little videos of each of them on the zip line.