Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Taking Charge Tuesday

This is getting ridiculous, but becoming so much fun! I can't stop myself! This is the 3rd day of my "savings" ritual. Today I took my $4 in RR and my coupon for free Irish Spring body wash and went to Walgreens over the noon hour. I decided to go light and just picked up my free Irish Spring body wash. Then as I was looking around, I found some Samy e-sen-cia mandarin citrus conditioner. It smelled awesome and had a "try me free" tag around it. Well far be it for me not to comply! So, I got $10.48 worth of products and my end out of pocket will be .73 which is the tax. Not bad! Oh, and when I was checking out, the clerk couldn't get the free coupon for the Irish Spring to scan so she had to punch it in. I don't know if that's what did it, but I got another coupon for a free Irish Spring body wash. Then I decided to stop at the Walgreens on my way home since I go right by it anyway. I bought some Sambucol which is a homeopathic cold medicine. It's normally $12.99 but I had a $4.00 manufacturer's coupon. It also had a Easy Saver $10.00 off coupon. I also found another Advil PM with the $2.00 coupon attached. This one is $4.49 and gives back a $2.00 Register Reward. Therefore, I got it for $.49 + tax. I also picked up another Edge shaving cream for $1.99 which gave back $1.00 in Register Rewards. I used one $1.00 register reward from yesterday. I still used my debit card to pay the $3.83, but got back $3.00 in Register Rewards. Do the math, I have only $.83 out of pocket for $19.47 in products. The only one I'm not sure about is the Sambucol, but I'm willing to try it.

And did I mention that I dropped my free Redbox movie off at HyVee this morning and tried another code that worked and I got another free movie for tonight. This is almost as much fun as sweepstaking!!!!!!


Fred and Heather said...

That is great! I'm laughing as I'm reading this to Fred, he doesn't find it as amusing as I do but none the less! I wish I had the gift you do for bargains!

Team Fuller said...

I agree with Heather, very amusing and I wish I had the same gift! I'm going to research sales at CVS and Walgreens now, geez! If all those bargains are out there to be had, who am I to pass them up?!

Sarah & Drew said...

Ditto your daughters. I do clip coupons, have a coupon file, and frequently check out couponmom.com to try to figure out when to use the coupons, etc. Coupons are like free money to me, so it is a no brainer. I don't like that our grocery stores only double up to $1 off or take the other specified amount off. I did get a whole bunch of cereals for $.75 two weeks ago. I did like the idea one of your blog rolls said about getting things for gifts (i.e. huggies). Happy saving!!!