Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Savings Update

Well, this is my final week for the Sutton & Dodge $2.00 coupons at Target. I think they have finally decided that this is not a money making deal for Target. I went to get two steaks tonight with my Sutton & Dodge coupons and the clerk would only let me use one coupon. Therefore I told him I didn't want the other steak. I got a ribeye steak that had a $3.00 coupon on it and used my $2.00 Sutton & Dodge coupon. Got the steak for $2.47. Not bad for a ribeye. I also got two Gillette body washes (8 oz. ea), 4 Johnson's Buddies soaps, and a Pledge multi surface spray. All of this for a little over $7.00. I actually paid a little over $10.00 but when I got out to the car I realized that the clerk hadn't taken the $3.00 coupon off of the meat. I went into customer service and told them and they gave me $3.00 cash back. I then asked since I had to come back in, if I could go get the other ribeye and consider that a 2nd transaction. She said sure. So I did. When I went to check out, the $3.00 coupon was taken off the steak, but the Sutton & Dodge coupon wouldn't work. The clerk looked at it several times and then said it wasn't a Sutton & Dodge steak. I realized that they had two different brands of steaks and I hadn't realized that I grabbed the wrong one. I paid $4.00 for the 2nd steak--still not a bad deal.

Then tonight I was looking at some deals online and got a USB notebook light to use over my laptop for $2.99 with free shipping. We'll see if that is worthwhile.

Randy was in Chicago this last weekend and was kind enough to stop into the Bare Escentials store and pick up the free gift of a kabuki brush and some medium beige makeup. He was a bit embarrassed, but I really appreciate his effort!

Well, happy shopping everyone and keep up the good work!


Team Fuller said...

I love that you made dad get the makeup. I'm sure absolutely no one cares but I can see dad being a bit embarrassed. Oh, what our men won't do for us!

Sarah & Drew said...

Yesterday I ended up using coupons I saw via a blog you had listed for Aveeno products. Any how after checking out I realized I had additional coupons in my pocket. I was surprised the cashier was able to give me cash value for them after the tranaction was made. Target's customer service is redeeming itself for me. I usually don't like them in that area!

Madge said...

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