Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Beautiful Saturday

This is a beautiful day and I probably should be outside working in the yard. But of course, my inside list is long and I always feel that I need to get it done first. So it's almost 5:30 p.m. and I've gotten lots of food made for next week. I got my freezer cleaned out and found several packages of meat that needed to be used up before they got too past their useful date. We now have chicken noodle soup (thanks for the tips, Fred, I made my own noodles), chicken enchiladas, dinner rolls, whole wheat orange muffins, a pork tenderloin ready to go into the crockpot, and I'm working on a way to use up some cabbage (I think we'll be having some coleslaw!). I have a lasagna in the freezer and will pull together an au gratin potato casserole and I think between the frozen prepared foods I've made and some fresh foods, we'll be set for lunches and suppers next week.

I haven't been training much since last October and my schedule is now getting much busier! That's a good thing, but then I'm too tired to worry about what to make for supper when I get home. This helps a lot. All my bargains over the past two weeks have really helped fill my freezer! I'll still be watching the specials, but won't need to buy much at all over the next few weeks. It will have to be a MAJOR sale.

Shakes and I are going to go for a walk in a few minutes. He's been biting at the bit all day. I figure if we walk around the block, he'll be so worn out, he'll sleep all evening and night--of course that's mostly what he does anyway! Ha!

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.


Team Fuller said...

were the noodles easy to make?

Madge said...

Cheryl - sounds like you are having so much fun OR are easily entertained - either way - good for you!
How about sending me your enchilada recipe and your homemade noodle recipe (with tips)? I am always looking for a good recipe!!!

Cheryl said...

The noodles were Sooooo easy to make! I just googled a recipe. It was very easy, very few ingredients and they turned out great! Madge, the enchilada recipes are just googled too until I find one that sounds good and is easy to make.