Thursday, June 11, 2009

A week with the Grandkids!

OK, here we go! Randy and I are jumping head first into grandparent land! We are caring for Bella and Wyatt while Fred and Heather are gone to Las Vegas and California. I'll do my best to get pictures taken and downloaded. It will be a little tougher than with Quinny as these two don't sleep as much (or should I say Bella doesn't).

So today, Thursday, both Bella and Wyatt woke up around 6:30 a.m. Bella was up first and was very happy. I went into her room and smiled at her and she looked up and gave a big smile. I then cracked Wyatt's door a little so he could come out when he was ready. He joined us about 20 minutes or so later. He asked for mommy, but when I told him that mommy was on vacation, he just said "hmm" and then went to watch cartoons.

Here is a picture of Wyatt at the zoo. We forgot our camera, so this is from Randy's phone. There were too many other things to remember for grandma and grandpa.

Here he is playing with the big cow that you can milk. Wyatt wasn't into milking the cow.

Wyatt loved riding the ponies, petting the guinea pig, seeing all the animals, feeding the goats, llamas and camels and riding the train. He also got a really cool tattoo of a grasshopper on his arm. What a great day!

Okay, this is a two day blog. We are now into Friday. Since we didn't get pics of Bella, so here is one of she and grandma this morning (Friday). This is just before her nap so......but she's doing great and smiles a lot--just not in this video! :) Grandpa's at the physical therapist--no not just because of babysitting! :) He'll be home soon and we may go to garage sales.

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Team Fuller said...

I love it! Bella looks so much different too! Keep it up, love the updates!