Saturday, February 14, 2009

It's been a Heart Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to all my friends, family and loved ones. I don't really have a lot to blog about, but I'll try to update a little. I keep telling Heather and Hilary that since they put all the information about the grandkids on their blogs, I have nothing to talk about!!!

I worked from home yesterday since we were supposed to have such a snow storm! We actually did get somewhere around 4 inches and with the tires on my car (being somewhat bald!) I don't get very good traction, so it probably was the best idea. Anyway, while I was at home, I had the most wonderful surprise! This gorgeous bouquet of flowers showed up at my door! I still cringe a little when I think of what is spent on flowers that won't last--but I REALLY did appreciate these! I haven't gotten flowers in a long time!

Randy left yesterday morning (before the snow hit) for Illinois. He plans to be back on Monday. I think he was just barely ahead of the storm! But he's called several times and apparently he had no problems.

Today is one of those potpourri days. Lots of things to do so I'm flitting from one thing to the other. Sometimes I actually can still multi-task! Weekends are my cooking days. I went to the grocery store this morning and got the specials (Hy-Vee had whole chickens for $.59 a pound!). I got hamburger on sale so I cooked up two baked ziti casseroles. Those will go into the freezer for next week and maybe the week after. Monday will be a crockpot chicken day with roasted new potatos and steamed asparagus. The asparagus was on sale and looked great--very fresh thin stalks. When I'm done blogging, I'll go make my individual cherry and apple pies that will go into the freezer and I can pop in the oven with the casseroles or the potatos. Bake up real quick and gives us a little dessert without lots of left overs. I also pulled a roast out of the freezer that needs to be used up. It will go into the crock pot tonight for Sunday dinner tomorrow and then there will be beef left over for sandwiches next week. Between the ziti, chicken, and beef, I should have plenty of lunches for next week too. OK. Now that I've bored you with all of that!

When I get everything cleaned up from cooking, I need to go downstairs and get Quinn's sweater finished (0r at least worked on!). I have so many projects started for the kids but haven't been able to get to them! There's always so much to do! It doesn't help that I'm a computer junkie! I'm scared to death that she will have grown out of this sweater already! I also have several cards to make, the girls' quilts to work on, and...oh yes, some cleaning to do! Oh well, tomorrow's another day!

I hope this finds all of you happy, healthy, and having a wonderful Heart Day!


Team Fuller said...

Dad did good on the flowers! They're very beautiful. It's so you to comment on the cost of them, geez mom! :) Happy Valentine's Day!

Sarah & Drew said...

I want to know about these individual pies?