Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring Projects

Ok, I've decided I need to get back to writing on my blog. I need an outlet! In the meantime, I'll tell you about some of my projects. I decided that my fireplace needed a new look. It used to have a brass fireplace door and screen on it. That's SO yesterday! I didn't take a picture with the doors on the fireplace, but here is a picture of the brass doors out in my garage:
And here is a picture of my fireplace without the doors and with the full length mirror (also feeling very dated) next to it. Sooooooo, now for the fun part. I tried to see how the mirror is put on, and I believe that it is glued on. I was able to get two of the cove moldings off the sides and I see that there is a lot of caulking-like material. Hmmm, so how do we up date this? Well, I have an idea!

But first, to paint the fireplace. I bought a satin finish latex paint called "Diamond Mine". It's light, but not a white. However, the color we had on there before was called "Smoke" so also not a white. Of course, we still have remnants of the "smoke" color on the ceiling where we accidentally touched it, so eventually I'll have to paint the ceiling too, but that's another time.

Once I get the fireplace painted, it's on to paint the brass doors. Of course, I'll have to take them apart first and then hope I can remember how to get them back together! Everything's an adventure!

Stay tuned!


Hilary said...

Seriously can't wait to see the results!!

Madge said...

This is a great project to take on - I am anxious to see the end result.