Monday, September 1, 2008

Hil's Baby Shower

Just got back yesterday from KC where I attended Hilary's baby shower given by her in-laws. What a great time! Her aunt-in-law Debbie had everyone over for real KC Bar-B-Que on Saturday night and then the shower was at her aunt-in-law Karen's home on Sunday! I've included some pictures from the shower. Both of my nieces came with their children which was a wonderful surprise! Hilary got lots of fun things for the baby as did Heather since we are calling the two girl babies "the twins".
My friend Sherrie Spilde was there too. Sherrie and Del came to KC with us on Saturday and the four of us (Randy, Sherrie, Del and I) all went to the Bodies Revealed exhibit at Union Station. Very interesting!
Randy headed down South from KC to deal with Hurricane Gustav. Pray that all goes well. Give him strength and patience--I'm sure he'll need it. I'll keep you posted on how he's doing as I find out.

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Sarah & Drew said...

Cheryl-Welcome to the blogging world. Somewhat addictive, but a truly nice way to keep people in touch and without dealing with your email contact list! I'm excited for your newest additions.